Six Month Mapping



Still Life in oil 6×6″

Last week I had my six month mapping. We worked more on balancing the sounds on both sides. My left side seemed more dominant and since the sound is different its a little tricky figuring out if its louder or if its just the bass sounds that I seem to hear more of. For example low sounds are stronger. In my classroom I have a overhead ventilation system and my left ear picks it up more than the right.

We also went through all the individual sounds and I decided which volume was most comfortable for me on both sides. When I asked my audiologist if my right ear didn’t tolerate as much volume as my left she didn’t say yes or no. She said that you can’t measure the sound in volume because it is being delivered by electricity. Maybe as “more is not better?” I haven’t really gotten my head around it yet.

My testing went well and seems to have plateaued. I’ve added the evaluation sheet. Basically I am still up from 15% to 85% on my newly implanted ear. Together both ears scored 92% on sentence recognition and 72% on single words. I get 85% on phonemes which means I get the sounds of the single words.