Soft sounds, sentences, and words


I had another mapping session with my audiologist this past Friday. I was checked for soft sounds during the first test. The top chart shows a dip in the 250 – 500 Hz range. She said this was not a concern but knew I would “scrutinize” it. Normal hearing folks would hear soft sounds in the upper area of the chart around the 10 – 20 horizontal rows. Med El processors mechanically can’t pick up sounds in this range so my scores in the 30 – 40 range are good. The little dip did bother me but there will be changes from one test to another. Variables all play into test results like fatigue, time of day, and other conditions.

The bottom photo shows the sentences and single word scores. I averaged 70% which she says is amazing. Also she tested me at a lower volume than my last test and the scores came out the same. I continue to be happy with my implants, they have made my life so much easier.

I’m looking forward to flying out to California this week. I’ve had a funny thing happen with flying where I lose the connection in my implants. It’s not a cable problem but internal. If I rock the magnet on my scalp I get the connection back but only if I hold the magnet there. After about an hour it comes back and all is good. I’ll write more in detail after this flight. Im going to take my Rondo with me to see if that works if the connection goes out.


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