Latest Mapping

This post is way too late since this mapping is from August but it represents my 6 month test. I will try to remember everything she told me about my progress. I haven’t quite reached a plateau but I think its getting there. Both ears seem to be recognizing sounds and sentences on the same level. I have the most trouble with the word test since the single words are out of context so it can be pure guess work at times. My score increased by a few points since the last test and overall my audiologist is very pleased.

I love hearing her words of praise but the reality is that I still don’t hear normally. When I am in groups I notice this the most. I’m very happy with my implant but it surprises me a little when I am out in public and realize that heh, yeah, I can’t hear that person as well as I thought I would. I still rely on my FM system if I am in a class and really want to make sure I’m hearing a person especially if they have their back to me.

I just got a Chill Box and am going to try to listen to some podcasts. The sound seems pretty clear and since its small I can set right next to myself. I’m thinking it might help with my hearing skills.


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