Second Implant

On Jan 21st I had my second implant. Today is day 3 since the surgery and I have been surprised at how well I feel. I remember taking a nap the first couple of days last time but haven’t needed to this time around. After the first night which was pretty daunting between the pain and a -20 degree temperature outside the pain meds became a huge help and I ended up sleeping well later into the night.

I feel pretty fortunate to have gotten this surgery. Two weeks before the scheduled date my insurance wrote to say they were denying the request. The surgeon had a peer to peer review with the medical director and they ok’d the surgery on Friday before the scheduled Tuesday date.

The surgeon told me that the second implant, once activated, doesn’t have as profound an impact as the first. I’m anxious to see how well it works in the classroom since my right side had become basically deaf. The surgeon feels it will help a lot with background noise.


2 thoughts on “Second Implant

  1. Looking forward to your updates! Your latest post (2 weeks after activation) would not let me leave a comment, but I found some different ways to tether the Rondo — the simplest being a 2nd hole and a hoop earring, and drilling a hole in my favorite barrette and swapping the Rondo’s open/shut jaw-type clip for a closed loop clip that I got from a local bead supply store. My blog has pictures.

    • Hi, I think it has me approve the comments first. I’ll check. So, do you like the Rondo? I can’t decide which I should go with. I’m also cheap about buying the batteries but otherwise like the lightness of it.

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