I experienced three really big milestones in the last few weeks and didn’t want them to let them go unannounced. I was in the car one day and actually answered the phone twice while I was driving. I could carry on the conversation and drive too. Of course the point is I could hear while other stuff was going on where as before I would have had to pull over and put on my telecoil phone hooks and concentrate hard. I felt pretty cool picking up the phone and talking like all the other reckless drivers out there. The other two milestones were two phone conversations. I don’t talk on the phone much but am getting to like it more. I called my mother-in-law to wish her a happy birthday and we chatted for a long time! I am use to her voice of course but still its a big deal. Yesterday a woman had asked me about doing an interview for a paper she is writing. I told her we would try the phone but could skype if it didn’t work. Well, I talked for a long time and only asked her to repeat a few times. Now she is use to hearing impaired people and told me she would talk slowly but I’m still thrilled. So those are my big milestones, so exciting.

Happy Easter