Six month checkup

When people ask me how I am doing with my implant I tell them it depends on which test they give me. I had my six month check-up last week and have a range of scores to report.

Sentences: these are different sentences that are unrelated and spoken by different people, men and women. I scored 76% up 6% from the last test. The same test using my implant and my hearing aid gave me a 95% score up from 84% on my last test.

Single Words: this is a harder one for me. A man says Ready and then the word, Ready and another word, it takes a lot of concentration. So I only scored 38% or 19 out of 50 (but wouldn’t that actually be 76%?) Anyway last time I scored 30 % so no complaints here.

She gave me the simple sentence test with my hearing aid ear. These are the ones like: The truck went up the hill or The boy hit the ball. I scored 40%. That is my bad ear now but before surgery was my good ear.

I’m happy with my implant and even if my tests aren’t 100% I’m happy but its hard to explain to people why I’m happy with 38%. I guess its all relative to what I was dealing with beforeI added a painting I did over the summer.DSC_0006