Elementary School

It was about this time in my life that the nurse would return to the classroom and have me come back for another hearing screening. I knew something was up since none of my peers had to take the hearing test again. But things have turned for the better since my implant. I realized this morning at our faculty meeting how much more relaxed I was being able to follow most of the conversation. I feel pretty confident in a small setting while in a larger meeting room I still need my FM system to hear. My FM system is so much more effective with the implant. Last spring before the surgery I was really having trouble hearing at meetings with the FM system. It was getting so discouraging. Another plus I noticed this weekend was hearing the speaker in a large auditorium when he introduced the show. I realize I’m not getting it all but it seems like it to me. When my buddy wanted to tell me something by speaking close to my ear I couldn’t understand him in my aided side. I never have been able to but people think if they try to speak close to my ear it will be easier. I turned my head so he could speak into my implanted side and Wow, I could hear very clearly. Another plus with this great invention.