Audiological evaluation

My idea was to graph two lines showing before and after results of my tests but it got too complicated. When my audie explains everything it makes sense but when I get home I forget a lot. Of interest to me is that with my old aids on (pre-implant) and with my current CI and aid I score similar though a little better on the tone test with the CI. She explained to me that all her MedEl clients score in the mild hearing loss range on the tone test and it has to do with the technology MedEl uses for hearing sound in quiet settings.¬† The verbal listening scores on the Speech Audiometry were about the same as the last test. I was somewhat disappointed but still happy. There are three verbal tests, two of which¬† I never had till the second and third mapping so I don’t have anything to compare them to from my previous pre CI evaluations. 20120925-194108.jpg



Three Month Mapping


I took this photo in Ga in front of an old feed store. They had cages of roosters and chickens. Anyway, I had another mapping today. The results seem to be pretty much the same as my last mapping. She told me she wasn’t going to give me the easy tests like Hints because I had already gotten a 90%. The sentence test was fairly complicated, male and female voices with sentences unrelated to each other. Some voices were easier than others as in real life. My score was the same, 72%. The word test where the man says, Ready and then the word Ready, and then the word (for about 50 words) also showed the same results. I didn’t do that well, I think about 36% but 65% in sound recognition. I told her the volume was low and she said she was trying to make it hard. She said, “I could make the volume louder and you would feel great but that wouldn’t really replicate real listening situations.” I’m going to try to make an audiogram with my before implant and after results.

I’m still happy with my implant. I pushed myself to increase the volume today but obviously it didn’t improve my scores. We’ll see in 3 months when I go back if the volume increase helps any.