Yesterday I wen…

Yesterday I went in for my third mapping. Basically it was the same as last time but my audiologist gave me some more tests. She said my choice of volume is pretty much the same as last time so I don’t think she turned any up the electrodes up more though I went in thinking I was ready for more volume. The simple sentence test improved from 82% to 90%. Before my implant my bad ear got 12% w/aid and together w/aid both ears got 56%. The more challenging sentences improved from 46% from last time to 71% yesterday. The last test was 50 words. The voice said ready….and a word, ready……and a word. It ran fairly quickly so if I hesitated he was already up to the next word. This one I only got 19 words out of 50 but got 63% of the sounds. That was just with my implanted ear. 

The last test was a bit disappointing but she believes I’ll keep getting better. She also told me to start using my hearing aid now in my right ear. 

That’s the update. I still am really happy with my implant even if I never reach 100% because I could’t understand any speech before. Now my implanted ear sounds better than my hearing aid ear. Its a success story!


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