Background noise

Tonight we went to a party outdoors. It’s hard to hear with background sound, probably as bad as with hearing aids. I feel really good about my implant and really like the sound quality but when I get into a gathering of people I get a little discouraged. It worked pretty well though to just ask the person I was talking to to move away from the others so I could hear better.

On another note, I went to the beach today and used my hearing aid but not the implant. Now my implanted ear has become the dominant ear. My hearing aid doesn’t sound nearly as good. I wonder if that is sound quality or just being use to a different device. I go in Monday for my third mapping and will be interested to see if I improve on the new sentence recognition score she gives me.

Also, at this point I can stick my finger all the way into my ear without any discomfort. It feels better being able to do that. I post on Monday night about my appointment.


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