Activation Day 2

Today they increased the volume on all the sounds. I found out that two of the 12 electrodes are not being used since I can’t hear them. They apparently are on the outer edge of the cochlear so didn’t make it in far enough for me to hear. She said they are the high frequencies and this is common and she isn’t concerned. There is no point in getting upset since its in there and I can’t exactly push it in further.

I was able to understand my audiologist today using just my implanted side after she increased the volume. I also was able to pick up sounds she made behind a black screen. I heard the words ice cream, hot dog, baseball and then me tried some from my art classroom, glue stick, paint brush, paper, scissors….. I got most of those too. So, I actually scored better than I would have if I had my hearing aid on since I couldn’t understand most speech with that aid alone.

I have 4 extra settings to increase the sound over the next two weeks. I’m back at work tomorrow and since I work in a very noisy art room my audiologist told me to just keep my aid alone or the implant and aid if I want. Then in a few days we’ll done for the year and I can use just my implanted side for the summer to practice with.

I was able also to pick up a few words on the radio driving to the hospital, small steps yet big steps too.


4 thoughts on “Activation Day 2

  1. It’s fantastic that you’re able to understand speech that quickly! The feeling of doing better than hearing aids should continue. 🙂 I had my first test in the booth at 2 weeks and did really well on sentences, but the first week was all beeping and craziness.

  2. It will be interesting to see if I can understand other people besides Tony and my audiologist. I was excited this morning to hear the birds and the rain falling on my jacket. Otherwise, I think voices sound like a kazoo

  3. Sara is a good resource to fall back on. she probably doesn’t remember but I had a bunch of questions when I was “goig through the process” the people i was most famiiar with family coworkers sounded the most normal so to speak. anybody I didn’t know, pick a cartoon character. congratulations again can’t wait to read about your journey and new sounds.

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