Today I came home with a suitcase full of stuff. The activation took 2 1/2 hrs, mostly going over equipment. I had the hardest time with low frequencies. I couldn’t really hear them but had the sensation of dizziness. I am keeping my aided side off for the evening. I can hear/understand (about 50%…)  my partner talk to me with lip reading of course and his voice sounds like a man’s yet there are these high frequency sounds mixed in. The loudest sounds are cellophane, water, tapping, etc. They are all high frequency. I have 4 volume levels on the remote and I’m using the loudest for now. I’m hoping to be able to hear the low frequencies. When I hear my own voice I seem to hear a delayed sound, its like I can hear the voice in my head, maybe from memory, but the actual sound is different.

Actually, I just tried to listen to the trailor to Moonrise Kingdom and it all sounded like gibberish, a bunch of chirping birds. I guess it will take  a long time.

My audiologist said she will push me more tomorrow, then back to work!


4 thoughts on “Activation

    • I picked Med El. I had that or Cochlear America to choose from. This website has a lot of information about different brands:
      I have read that Advanced Bionics has the most electrodes but they have had several recalls as well. The sound is strange. Today they increased the volume and I can understand speech with lip reading with my audiologist but not sure if I could with just anyone. It seems like the speech is the quieter than everything else. I’ll write more on my blog.

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