Today it has be…

Today it has been two weeks and 3 days since my surgery. My head feels a little better each day. Initially the side of the implant was really numb. It was pretty strange but it has been getting better each day. I can feel my ear now but the actual area of the implant is still rather numb and I have a bump which is less tender each day. The surgeon said I should only feel a little ridge once the healing is complete. Today I noticed I could hear popping inside my ear like when you have a cold and your ears crack from fluid. 

My first week back to work was pretty tiring. I came home the second day and took a nap and went to bed around 9:00 every night. That seemed to help a lot. I think I was tired from talking too loud to my young art students who can be pretty unruly in the afternoon. I went home with a headache each day. 

The fact that I can’t hear out of my implanted side has been easier than I thought. I couldn’t hear much anyway though it gave me a sense of balance and sound awareness. 


2 thoughts on “Today it has be…

  1. I’m scheduled for a cochlear implant soon…I’m curious as to how long were you off from work? I was told to plan to be off one week…

    • Hi Kelly,
      I had my surgery on a Thursday and since I had to go back the following Thursday to have the bandages removed I took off that Friday so it was a little more than a week. I teach elementary art so a lot of my classes are noisy and I had to raise my voice a lot which sent me home with a pounding headache. I was tired that first week and took a nap at least one day when I got home. If you work in a quiet space I think a week recovery will be enough. I drove myself down to the hospital to have the bandage removed which is a 2 hour drive. During my week home I allowed myself a nap everyday and was surprised how much I needed it. Your body really does need to heal. Thanks for writing and good luck.

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