New MedEl Processor

It’s been more than 5 years since my first implant and Medicare offers a replacement unit after that time. Apparently the cost is $9,600.00 and after my deductible I paid $260.00 so even though my unit is still working I decided to go for it especially with our current administration slashing health care benefits. I didn’t receive two processors like I did in my first kit but there is a 5 year warranty and I haven’t read all the details yet with what that covers. Also, there is no little suitcase to keep all your parts in, rather a big shopping bag. The suitcase was much nicer and it seems like it would be worth the extra money for them to keep that. In this kit each part is in a small package and I’m not allowed to open anything since once it’s opened I can’t return it. Why didn’t they just send it to my audiologist and have her check the order? I opened some packages because I was trying to figure out what everything was and wanted to check each item on the packing sheet. When I called customer service to ask some questions they told me once opened I couldn’t return it. I think all is good, my appointment isn’t till October. The rechargeable batteries and charging unit are back ordered. The drying unit doesn’t take the bricks any more, a nice feature. Overall, I was excited to get this but disappointed there is no suitcase, not a second backup processor for travel, and that they didn’t write in bold their return policy.

Soft sounds, sentences, and words


I had another mapping session with my audiologist this past Friday. I was checked for soft sounds during the first test. The top chart shows a dip in the 250 – 500 Hz range. She said this was not a concern but knew I would “scrutinize” it. Normal hearing folks would hear soft sounds in the upper area of the chart around the 10 – 20 horizontal rows. Med El processors mechanically can’t pick up sounds in this range so my scores in the 30 – 40 range are good. The little dip did bother me but there will be changes from one test to another. Variables all play into test results like fatigue, time of day, and other conditions.

The bottom photo shows the sentences and single word scores. I averaged 70% which she says is amazing. Also she tested me at a lower volume than my last test and the scores came out the same. I continue to be happy with my implants, they have made my life so much easier.

I’m looking forward to flying out to California this week. I’ve had a funny thing happen with flying where I lose the connection in my implants. It’s not a cable problem but internal. If I rock the magnet on my scalp I get the connection back but only if I hold the magnet there. After about an hour it comes back and all is good. I’ll write more in detail after this flight. Im going to take my Rondo with me to see if that works if the connection goes out.


This week I had another mapping. Its been a year and a half since my second Medel implant. From the previous tests it seemed the right ear was not performing quite as well as my left. That was surprising since my right ear had been my stronger ear. After the single word test however the right ear scored 70% and the left ear 48%. My audio said my left ear wasn’t catching the soft sounds of the consonants, always the harder ones for hearing challenged folks. That however was at 10 DBL below the last test 6 months ago. So, the score looks bad but it is because it was at a lower volume. So my audie went to work on my processor and had me back and forth in the booth about four times. I could tell she was really working hard and impressed with her interest in booting me up more. Ultimately she did improve my hearing score in the left side by boosting some of the settings in the processor.

She wanted to impress on me that she has few patients that score 100% on sentences like I do so I’m still doing really well. She even called me her Superstar! The trend in testing now is to push folks scores in those lower DBL volumes. The single word tests are hard for me and I want to yell at her to turn the darn volume up. So many of the words are challenging while the sentences are easier to put into context.

Over all a good visit and I’m lucky to have such a conscientious  audiologist.

Latest Mapping

This post is way too late since this mapping is from August but it represents my 6 month test. I will try to remember everything she told me about my progress. I haven’t quite reached a plateau but I think its getting there. Both ears seem to be recognizing sounds and sentences on the same level. I have the most trouble with the word test since the single words are out of context so it can be pure guess work at times. My score increased by a few points since the last test and overall my audiologist is very pleased.

I love hearing her words of praise but the reality is that I still don’t hear normally. When I am in groups I notice this the most. I’m very happy with my implant but it surprises me a little when I am out in public and realize that heh, yeah, I can’t hear that person as well as I thought I would. I still rely on my FM system if I am in a class and really want to make sure I’m hearing a person especially if they have their back to me.

I just got a Chill Box and am going to try to listen to some podcasts. The sound seems pretty clear and since its small I can set right next to myself. I’m thinking it might help with my hearing skills.

Six Month Mapping



Still Life in oil 6×6″

Last week I had my six month mapping. We worked more on balancing the sounds on both sides. My left side seemed more dominant and since the sound is different its a little tricky figuring out if its louder or if its just the bass sounds that I seem to hear more of. For example low sounds are stronger. In my classroom I have a overhead ventilation system and my left ear picks it up more than the right.

We also went through all the individual sounds and I decided which volume was most comfortable for me on both sides. When I asked my audiologist if my right ear didn’t tolerate as much volume as my left she didn’t say yes or no. She said that you can’t measure the sound in volume because it is being delivered by electricity. Maybe as “more is not better?” I haven’t really gotten my head around it yet.

My testing went well and seems to have plateaued. I’ve added the evaluation sheet. Basically I am still up from 15% to 85% on my newly implanted ear. Together both ears scored 92% on sentence recognition and 72% on single words. I get 85% on phonemes which means I get the sounds of the single words.




Honor Roll

I really feel like I made the honor roll yesterday! I went in for my two week visit and my audiologist decided to test me for sentence recognition. First we played with adjustments. The newly implanted ear is still higher pitched than the other ear so we tried adding some bass to it. It gave it more resonance in sound but I still have the original and another setting to play with. We went into the booth to try sentence recognition. My previous score with just my right aided ear was 15%. With my newly implanted ear alone I scored 83%. She even asked me if I had my other hearing implant on but I didn’t. My last sentence test with the left implanted ear was 79% so I’m wondering how that all happened so fast. I was able to use the telephone on my new ear too today but it needs more volume. Never the less I could hear what they were saying.

Activation for Second Implant

It has been almost two weeks since the initial activation of my second implant. When my audiologist first turned it on I heard a lot of very high pitched sounds. Her voice was really squeaky and there were a lot of other sounds that made me think of Christmas. I was probably associating it with Christmas movies. She told me it was not unusual and that the brain would adjust. The sound is still high pitched and Mickey Mouse but I can have a conversation with the people in my house using just the newly implanted side. My theory is that the electrodes in the cochlear probably aren’t positioned exactly in the same place so when they are fired they are both ImageImageImageImagestimulating different parts of the cochlear. Combined with my other implant the two sounds seem to blend. I remember my first implant sounding like a kazoo but definitely not as high pitched.

Since I chose MedEl I am also testing out the Rondo to decide if I want to have two of these or one free Rondo and the traditional behind the ear device. They both sound the same right now and the Rondo is very light and comfortable. I tend to knock it off sometimes especially when I have to pull something over my head. If I had short hair I might consider using the Rondo on both sides. The Rondo comes with 3 disposable batteries which last about 4 days. I figured it would cost over $300 a year for batteries while the behind the ear device uses rechargeable. However, when they need to be replaced they cost about $100 apiece. For now my rechargables will last another two years and I have a 5 year replacement warranty on them.

Second Implant

On Jan 21st I had my second implant. Today is day 3 since the surgery and I have been surprised at how well I feel. I remember taking a nap the first couple of days last time but haven’t needed to this time around. After the first night which was pretty daunting between the pain and a -20 degree temperature outside the pain meds became a huge help and I ended up sleeping well later into the night.

I feel pretty fortunate to have gotten this surgery. Two weeks before the scheduled date my insurance wrote to say they were denying the request. The surgeon had a peer to peer review with the medical director and they ok’d the surgery on Friday before the scheduled Tuesday date.

The surgeon told me that the second implant, once activated, doesn’t have as profound an impact as the first. I’m anxious to see how well it works in the classroom since my right side had become basically deaf. The surgeon feels it will help a lot with background noise.

Second Implant date

I now have a date for my second implant which will be in January. I get to pick the new Rondo or stay with my current Opus2 processor. The plus is that MedEl will give me an extra processor so actually I’ll be getting three as part of the promotion for Rondo.  I decided to go with two Rondos and one extra Opus2 so I have that in case I prefer the Opus2. Getting the second implant is definitely a nervous choice but better than not hearing stuff on my right side now. Also, I feel a little guilty because I do hear a lot better now since my first implant. I have been trying to get as much information about the Rondo as possible but it’s only been out since this past spring. 

One Year Check-up

This was a busy day with a long series of listening activities then a visit with the surgeon for my one year and 2 mos. checkup. I’m hearing the sentences a little better now but things are basically leveling off. Without my hearing aid on and just using the implant I am scoring about 80%, like a mild hearing loss. I still have trouble with the test that says: Ready: baseball, Ready: duck, etc. I get about 50% but of course she has the volume very low. With my hearing aided ear added I get 64% and 82% of the sounds which means I make a close guess. Her reasoning is that she wants it to be like everyday conversational speech. My audiologist is very happy with all my scores and so am I. The other news which didn’t surprise me is that my right ear now is severely/profoundly impaired. When I was tested for sentences with only my aided ear I only got 20%. I also attribute this to brain chemistry, just my theory. My brain has gotten so use to using my implanted ear that my right ear is not getting any practice anymore. My audiologist suggested I go for another implant and my surgeon was very encouraging about the idea. He said that I’m a very good candidate and that I have done very well with my current implant which is a good predictor. He also said that they like to do bilateral implants within a close period of time. Apparently your brain and hearing pair up better than if you want 10 tens years between implants. I wasn’t totally surprised at this opportunity but didn’t think it would happen quite this soon. So, I’ll be using the next couple of weeks to think about this but will probably go for it. I think its a great opportunity. I just need to acclimate myself to the idea of surgery. DSC_0540